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Ford’s Garage, the Service Station-Inspired Restaurant, and Bozard Ford Forge a Unique Collaboration

One of the Industry’s Hottest Concepts Partners with One of the Largest Ford Dealerships

TAMPA, FL (March 15, 2023) – Bozard Ford in St. Augustine, Florida, is the nation’s first auto dealership to add a Ford’s Garage restaurant franchise to its property. Car sales are growing rapidly – and the first-of-its-kind collaboration for the restaurant franchise is catching everyone’s attention.

“Ford’s Garage is where the community comes to fill up on fun in an entertaining, nostalgic setting,” said Scott Estes, Vice President of Business Development & Franchise Relations for Ford’s Garage and its parent company, ICON Restaurant Group. “Being a Ford Official licensee and having that theme as a headliner in the restaurant’s design, offers obvious synergies for both restaurants and dealerships, and we want to expand this type of partnership in other markets.”

It’s a unique relationship that drives customer traffic organically between the dealership and the restaurant, designed like a 1920s service station. The brand has become a dining destination throughout the country, drawing customers with its nostalgic style and hand-crafted American fare, like Burgers of Fame, named after local celebrities and community leaders.

“Our dealership is ranked number seven in the country, up from seventy-six just two years ago, and we attribute part of that success to this amazing partnership,” said Jeff King, Vice President and General Manager at Bozard Ford. “Having a Ford’s Garage restaurant connected with our property has provided our potential and current customers with a convenient and unique experience when they visit the dealership, either shopping for a new car or waiting for their car to be serviced.”

The restaurant was founded in 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida, near the winter home of Henry Ford. The décor includes vintage vehicles, fixtures and gas pumps and even a Model T or Model A car suspended above the center bar – all thanks to exclusive licensing by the Ford Motor Company.

The theme is carried throughout the restaurant. Servers wear mechanic shirts, napkins are composed of blue shop towels, and restroom sinks are made from tires and fuel pump nozzles. Even the bars are decidedly vintage, mixing Prohibition-style elements like brick, richly colored woods and a copper bar top hammered by hand.

While the company is looking to increase its stand-alone locations throughout the country with an immediate focus in the Southeast, it hopes to also attract franchisors interested in replicating the unique relationship Ford’s Garage has created with Bozard Ford.

For information on starting the franchising process, including to view the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document, visit www.fordsgarageusa.com/franchise.

About Ford’s Garage

Founded in 2012 and franchising since 2015, the original Ford’s Garage opened in Fort Myers, Florida, less than a mile from Henry Ford’s winter home. Today, as an official licensee of the Ford Motor Company, enabling them to use the company’s iconic blue oval logo and other brand imagery, the 1920s garage-themed burger and craft beer restaurant franchise has expanded to include a total of 23 locations across six states. For more information, visit www.fordsgarageusa.com.